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Why do I see trucks with the Tillman Fiber logo in my neighborhood?

Congratulations! Tillman Fiber crews have begun working in your area to place state-of-the-art fiber optic cables for ultra reliable high-speed internet service. Whenever possible, these fiber optic cables will be placed underground.

What’s the big deal about fiber?

Instead of using an electrical current, fiber cables carry data using light beams. Fiber internet is faster, more secure and reliable than copper. With fiber cables, data can be sent much farther while maintaining signal strength. Fiber-optic cables are designed to survive Mother Nature. Their protective covering makes them weatherproof and temperature-proof.

When will you come to my neighborhood?

Currently we are focusing on locations in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. If you’re in one of these states and think your neighborhood needs better internet connectivity, fill out the “contact us” form and let us know!

Who do I contact if i have questions or concerns?

You can fill in the “Contact Us” form  on this site or call us at  if you have any issues or questions related to the work being performed.

What impact should I expect on my neighborhood?

Our highly trained crews will be working in the area using machinery for digging to place the fiber optics. We will return within one to three weeks of completion to restore any disturbed areas (streets, sidewalks, or landscaping) to as it was before the installation was completed.

Does Tillman Fiber work with local government and utilities companies?

Absolutely. Prior to any construction, the applicable permits are obtained and all underground utilities are identified by paint markings (don’t worry, it’s temporary!) or small flags to prevent damage to utilities and ensure public safety.

When can I sign up?

Once construction is complete and fiber internet is available at your address, you’ll receive multiple communications like door hangers and mailers so you can sign up and schedule installation at your address. These communications will be from our retail partner, not directly from Tillman Fiber.

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